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Private equity fund

CIM Capital Restruct Fund’s mission is to support companies that run into difficulties due to external factors such as the consequences of macro-economic crises, too much debt, insufficiently strong management or lack of succession. Furthermore, the fund will also focus on carve-outs of activities that do not get the right support or growth opportunities within a group.

CIM Capital Restruct Fund will focus on companies that, due to various circumstances, have an urgent need for strengthening their equity capital.



Zoute grand prix

For years, the Zoute Grand Prix has been an absolute reference in Europe. The first rally was organised in 2010 in Knokke-Heist and it quickly grew into one of the most prestigious rallies in Europe.
Besides the rally, the ZOUTE GRAND PRIX has grown into a unique event where all the renowned car brands are present and where for many years the largest car auction in Europe takes place. The event attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from home and abroad and is the most important event of the year for Knokke-Heist.

Partly caused by the COVID pandemic, the company has run into financial difficulties in recent years fallen. During a successful GRP (judicial organisation procedure), more than 90% of the creditors agreed to the recovery plan.

Zoute Grand Prix now comes under the mandate of the new shareholders, CIM Capital and Alychlo (the family office of Marc Coucke). They will guarantee the continuity and further expansion of the company.

Tsume ART

Tsume SA, founded in 2010, is a Luxembourg based firm that specializes in the design and distribution of high-end collectible sculptures depicting renowned characters mainly from Manga animation, as well as comics and cinema. Worldwide the interest in Manga is growing rapidly. With around forty employees and a turnover of €13m, the brand is recognized as the European market leader in its niche of collectibles.

Remaining true to its mission, Tsume upholds its dedication to the core values of creativity, passion, and innovation. The injection of funds by the CCR Fund will enable the company to sustain its operations robustly and pick up growth again, while continuing to offer high-quality products in a rising global collectibles market, with a very engaged community and ample room for geographical expansion.

Sign & Facade Group - a partnership with the image builders

The Sign & Facade group specialises in signage, illuminated advertising and in the creation and installation of architectural facade construction, canopies and design facade cladding.

The CCR Fund realised this acquisition in November 2022, in a partnership with the group The Image Builders, active in the same industry.


The newly assembled group becomes market leader in the sector in Belgium and aims to continue to grow the group profitably and expand its market position in the Benelux, after an initial phase of reorganisation and integration of the various business units.

Lapauw international

Throughout its global organization, Lapauw is dedicated to providing its customers with innovative laundry solutions, tailored for each market’s unique needs, challenges and requirements. With safety as a primary value, we focus on quality, productivity, ecology, longevity and low total cost of ownership. We foster education, integrity and mutual respect for our customer partners and our team.

Neckermann Belgium

In May 2021, CCR Fund acquired Neckermann Belgium, a Belgian travel retail chain with 40 shops, as part of the judicial restructuring procedure of Wamos Benelux ─ the company that operated the Neckermann business. A new company was created (Neckermann Belgium) which acquired certain assets from this process. In early June 2021, Neckermann Belgium was able to reopen most of its sales outlets with a renewed product range. Within 3 months, a new ERP &, CRM and accounting systems were also installed and a brand new online booking system went live in September 2021.


CIM Capital invested in Veritas, a well-known Belgian retail chain with 122 shops, selling legwear, underwear, swimwear, loungewear and haberdashery in late 2019. Since the acquisition, the company has successfully repositioned itself in the market and emerged from the COVID period with increased profitability, regained sales growth and a solid balance sheet.


Erik Verkest

CEO CCR Fund & Partner

Marc Van Hool

Founder CIM Capital & Partner

Jan Peeters

Partner CIM Capital

Bart Onderbeke

Partner CIM Capital

Marie-Hélène Woestyn

Investment Director

Alexander Vuylsteke

Investment Analyst

Louise Cobbaert

Legal Counsel CIM